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Barndale House School

Howling Lane, Alnwick, Northumberland NE66 1DQ

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Welcome to Class 5


Summer Term 2018

A Grand Day Out

We arranged a grand day out to Amble Little Shore as a treat for working so hard on our v enteprise projects this year.  We used the profits from our various businesses to hire a beach hut and to pay for a fish and chip lunch. We had a brilliant day.




We have been working with Emma, a dancer, to choreograph our own  performance. We each chose a different character  and story-line to explore through dance .Emma  helped us to link together all of the different routines to make one performance piece. 





Romeo and Juliet

We watched a performance of Romeo and Juliet  produced by the Mortal Fools Theatre Company and starring students from Collingwood School. It was brilliant - although some of us  would have liked a happy ending!



Alnwick In Bloom 

Art Competition


We all worked hard on our entries to this year's Alnwick In Bloom competition.

We took inspiration from the works of famous artists such as Klimt , Van Gogh , Monet and Renoir. 

Fingers crossed we have produced some winners. 




Vocational Studies

Pop-Up Cafe 

We hosted another Pop-Up Cafe for parents and friends. 

We had a great time and the feedback from our customers was fantastic. 

Take a look at our presentation to see how we did it.






The Great Barndale Birdwatch Bake-off

Class 5 beat off strong competition from the other classes  to win first prize in the Great Barndale Birdwatch Bake-off. Each class had to design and make an edible bird's nest. Colin , Mandy and Ruth were our judges and they tasted each entry before casting their vote. We were really pleased when we were announced as the winners.  We were even happier when we got to try it ourselves!

Vocational Studies 

Work Related Learning - Enterprise Project 

Our Mini-Enterprise company , 5 Re-Vive  , is going from strength to strength. 

We are currently working on 3 orders and have chairs ready to sell at our next Enterprise event.

Take a look at us working hard developing our up-cycling skills.  Next Stop - The Dragon's Den !






Work Related Learning 

DJ Levi 

Levi has recently started to present a request show on Radio Lionheart every Thursday afternoon between 2 o'clock and 3 o' clock . He collects requests from his friends and staff and works out the running order for his show. He then presents his show via a phone link with Ann in the Lionheart studio. You can text a request to Levi on 07961 771073. You can also use this number to request a song on The Barndale Show every Monday afternoon . 




The Great Barndale Birdwatch

Class 5 are taking part in The Great Barndale Birdwatch alongside the other class-groups. We  made bird-feeders and  collected data on the birds that we can see in our school grounds. 





Staff Walk To Work Day 



Class 5 organised a Walk To Work Day for staff as part of their Modeshift STARS Travel Plan Award project. We are hoping to achieve our Bronze Award this year and have been researching ways in which we can promote sustainable travel  as well as the physical and emotional benefits of walking.  We designed posters  and informed staff  before the event and researched off-site parking for those who were unable to walk all the way to work ,but who were willing to 'Park and Stride' to school. We also arranged some sunshine for the day to make the journey more enjoyable. We had an amazing result and 2 empty car-parks. Some staff even sent selfies of their walk to work .  Next we are looking at how we can promote a Walk to School Day for some pupils and we have also registered for the Living Streets WOW programme which supports walking activities in schools. 





Emma brought a lamb from her family farm into school. The lamb was only 8 days old and was being reared by hand to help it to grow big and strong. Class 5 helped to feed the lamb her milk and found out lots of brilliant facts about lambing and sheep in general. 









Spring Term 2018

Dilston College

Forest School Experience


We were invited to visit the new Forest School at Dilston College.

We had a great time and lots of fun trying out the different activities.








Vocational Studies 

Work Related Learning - Enterprise Project 


We have established our own furniture up-cycling business called  5 Re-Vive.

We have designed our own company logo and business cards.

We take old , unwanted wooded chairs and up-cycle them using different techniques.

We are learning lots of new skills and enjoy working together .

Everyone is involved and has a role to play in the development and running of our company. 






Watch this space for more pictures of our finished chairs. 




Independent Living Skills

Meal Planning and Preparation


We have been using the Food Technology room at St. Paul's School to help us to develop our food preparation skills. Every week we plan a lunch menu , choose  suitable recipes , shop for ingredients , prepare our chosen dishes and then enjoy the finished product. 









Autumn Term 2017


Independent Living Skills

This term we are learning about the importance of following food safety and hygiene rules as part of the AQA Unit Award -Safety and Hygiene in the Kitchen.  We will learn about the importance of washing and drying our hands thoroughly before preparing food , why we need to wear an apron when cooking , how to use appliances safely , how to keep our work area clean and tidy and the correct way to store different food items . 




Health and Well-being

We have been sharing our ideas and thoughts about our emotional well-being and using the term 'healthy minds' to describe feeling happy , relaxed and able to cope with what is happening around us and to us in our everyday lives.  We will be exploring different strategies to help us to cope with difficult situations and emotions over the coming term - including yoga , massage , music therapy , deep breathing and art therapy. 




Vocational Studies - Enterprise Project

Classes 4 and 5 are participating in the Virgin Make £5 Grow enterprise project. Each pupil will receive £5 which they have to try and 'grow'  ,either independently or as part of a team alongside some of their classmates. Pupils have to develop their ideas for a business, produce an action plan , take on different roles within their team , produce , market and sell their chosen product or service and keep a close eye on their finances.  We are confident that our teams will make a profit which they will be allowed to re-invest or spend as they choose. 

Watch this space to see how our ideas develop and how you can be involved in the project too. 




Independent Living Skills

This term we will all be participating in a range or practical tasks using a variety of different domestic appliances whilst working towards a number of AQA Unit Awards. 



Personal and Social Development

We enjoy visiting the local community and going to the shops and cafes.





Vocational Studies - Work Related Learning

Every week we spend Tuesday afternoons trying out different work related tasks on and off site. This term we will be participating in a range of gardening , cleaning , admin , up-cycling , catering, recycling , site maintenance, painting and decorating  related activities . In addition we will continue to present The Barndale Show on Radio Lionheart every Monday afternoon. Please listen if you can and send in your requests. 




Key Skills

We work on our individual functional maths , English and computing targets during key- skills lessons. 



Local Democracy Week

A small group of pupils visited County Hall to participate in activities as part of the Local Democracy Week event for schools in Northumberland.  Our pupils had to plan a campaign to present to the County Council and also had the opportunity to ask a selection of local Councillors some questions about different topics. All of the pupils did a fantastic job  representing Barndale  and speaking up about their ideas and opinions.